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Yalo's premier annual event, where industry experts converge to explore cutting-edge advancements in artificial intelligence, digitization, and automation.
This exclusive gathering strategically brings together high-level executives, decision-makers, and influencers, providing them with up-to-the-minute insights into our groundbreaking solutions.

Together, we'll unlock the potential for mutual growth and revolutionize the way businesses engage with customers.
“It's incredible to share with our partners the present and future of artificial intelligence. Excited about the new releases that put a co-pilot behind all the experiences they can create with Yalo."
Javier Mata - CEO Yalo
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Product Launches

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Christian Saravia
Senior Product Manager

Yalo Engagement - AI Powered Conections

The key to a successful conversation: personalization. It strengthens relationships, increases conversions and changes behaviors.

Engagement Journeys, part of our marketing suite, uses AI to create personalized messages for users across channels, ensuring the right message reaches the right recipient at the perfect time.
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Rodrigo Figueras
Director of product

Gen AI the new co-pilot of your company

Three new Yalo Gen AI-based features are revolutionizing how businesses operate and connect with their customers. Data security is a top priority, ensuring customer data is protected at all times. These innovations not only drive business growth but also enhance the customer experience, enabling businesses to deliver personalized solutions like never before.
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Transforming the traditional channel through data and artificial intelligence

Eduardo Garcia, Victor Mejia - Nestlé
Today, Nestlé is not only looking to sell, but to serve its customers and has created an innovation ecosystem in which Yalo plays an essential role. Nestlé's journey towards digitalization was not without obstacles, the organization faced mistakes and challenges, but it learned to change its relationship with error and to understand that digitalization is a journey that does not happen alone.
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Innovation advising small farmers through WhatsApp

Santiago Lara, Bayer | Jose R. Araguainamo, Yalutec
Driven by open innovation, Bayer Crop Science Mexico partnered with Yalutech and Yalo to create CultiBot, the first automated agricultural advisor via WhatsApp. This revolutionary tool addresses pest and disease problems in crops and provides guidance from planting to harvest.
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Yalo & Inu Soda Demo

Inu Soda company through Yalo's conversational channel,  has increased its traditional channel base, got its customers to consume more than one category and implemented a loyalty program.
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The Impact of Gen Ai on Business and Applications

Adam Bosworth - Inventor, Key Web Technologies, Google Sheets and Calendar
Adam Bosworth Google sheets and calendar creator highlighted the importance of understanding how software has transformed our lives, emphasizing the constant change and growth curves. Today there is a need for businesses to embrace change and artificial intelligence to stay relevant in an ever-evolving world. Embracing change is essential, and AI is a key tool for the continued success of businesses.
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How to win in the marketplace dynamics

Wander Smelan - Compra Agora
Compra Agora, a Brazilian digital services company is a marketplace that has created a multi-channel digital ecosystem to help small retailers thrive in the new digital age. It emerged as the e-commerce arm of Unilever in 2016 and evolved into a standalone multi-channel digital ecosystem.
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Shaping the Future Together: Team Transformation and Vision

Rodrigo Espinosa + Juan Pablo de Velasco - FEMSA
FEMSA, a leader in the mass consumption industry, has carried out a digital transformation over the last five years, focused on the transition from the traditional channel to the digital one.
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El futuro del comercio es inteligente Sesión equipo de Producto Yalo

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New roles in the era of digital transformation

Estephany Ley, Saad Malacon - Coppel
Grupo Coppel embraced digital transformation and embraced new business opportunities by excelling in change management and have succeeded in multiple aspects, from technology implementation to improved sales and financial returns.
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A proven recipe - success stories in LATAM

Carlos Zuzunaga - McKinsey & Co.
McKinsey and Yalo are setting the pace in the world of conversational commerce through their strategic collaboration to scale their programs in various industries.
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