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Product Launches

“It's incredible to share with our partners the present and future of artificial intelligence. Excited about the new releases that put a co-pilot behind all the experiences they can create with Yalo."
Javier Mata - CEO Yalo
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Yalo powered by Gen Ai

At Yalo, we are committed to offering natural, contextual, and humanized conversational experiences.
Integrate your catalog, historical sales data, information knowledge bases and other APIs to unlock selling, recommendation, and support capabilities.
Limitless Innovation
Experience the revolution in conversations: With Yalo powered by Gen Ai, we take the interaction with your customers to a whole new level.
Secure Data Connection
Protect your data leveraging artificial intelligence to provide an unparalleled user experience while protecting the privacy of your customers.
Boost Your Sales
Turn conversations into conversions: Yalo, powered by Gen Ai, not only interacts and supports your customers, but also sells!

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Engagement Journeys

Enabling hyper-personalization with AI
AI-Powered Hyper-Personalization: Engagement Journeys harnesses AI to create highly personalized automated interactions with users through multiple channels.
Tailored Messaging: Define your marketing objectives, target audiences, and specific rules to deliver the perfect message to the right audience at precisely the right time.
Optimize User Engagement: Maximize user engagement by utilizing Engagement Journeys to curate and deliver messages that resonate with your audience's needs and preferences.

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Empower your marketers to engage with the right users at scale
Copy Generator
Generate high-conversion copy for notifications in the style and tone of your brand.
Segmentation Assistant
Create user segments to better target customers using natural language.

Sales Genie

Driving sales success, seamlessly with AI
Gen AI-Powered Sales Assistant: Sales Genie is your company's automated sales assistant driven by cutting-edge Gen AI technology, enabling effortless selling on autopilot.
Tailored Shopping Experience: Combining your top-performing sales representative's knowledge with Yalo's predictive recommendation algorithms and a user-friendly native commerce interface.
Seamless WhatsApp Commerce: Sales Genie revolutionizes sales by allowing customers to complete their entire purchase journey within a single WhatsApp conversation, ensuring convenience and efficiency in every transaction.

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Revenue Boost
Offer products tailored to customer preferences through precise recommendations.

Increased Conversion Rates
Elevate your conversion rates and average order value with segmented and highly personalized shopping experiences.

Maximize your team’s productivity with the power of GenAI

With Yalo Studio Plus, your team can effortlessly create and integrate AI into their daily operations.

Studio +

Unlocking efficient operations with AI
Empowering AI Customization: Yalo Studio Plus offers a suite of AI-enhanced features, enabling customers to easily train and deploy their customized AI solutions. With AI Agent, customers can set objectives, allowing AI to autonomously create full conversational experiences, including integration with their systems via APIs.
AI Expertise on Demand: Customers can transform their AI into experts on any topic by utilizing Genie Trainer, which allows them to upload data for specialized training, expanding the AI's knowledge base.

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Turn your builders into AI developers and hit the market in record time
AI Agent Steps
Create autonomous AI Agents that interact with your end users without a single line of code.
API Management
Unlock the full power of AI Agents by giving them access to your own set of APIs or Yalo’s built-in tools.
Coding Copilot
Create more sophisticated flows in record time with a built-in Coding Copilot.

WhatsApp Native Commerce

Elevating your customer’s shopping experience
WhatsApp Native Commerce is the perfect combination of the power of Yalo Commerce and the reach of a native WhatsApp interface. The whole end-to-end purchase process without the user ever having to leave WhatsApp. 

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Empower Your Customer Experience
Create promotions, segment customers, implement price differentiation, and harness all our Predictive Commerce capabilities, delivering a simplified and optimized shopping experience.
Seamless Integration
Run your customer experiences on WhatsApp while benefiting from our advanced commerce intelligence, providing a seamless and powerful platform for your business.

Global enterprises use Yalo’s GenAI-powered conversations to expand their businesses

“When I talked with some of my colleagues about conversational WhatsApp taking over the route to market people said -no, no it will do in 20, 50 years. I was discussing with some of them last week again, and the main topic is that it is happening now”
Eduardo García
VP of Sales
Nestle Mexico

Run on the best-performing self-hosted models

Yalo self-hosts the best performing Large Language Models such as Llama 2 within the Yalo Infrastructure to offer the same certifications as the rest of our platform. Namely SOC 2 Type I & SOC 2 Type 2. As well as security practices built around ISO 27001:2013. This ensures the best possible performance to end users while maintaining our data privacy standards.

For more information you can visit Yalo’s dedicated security section here.

Avoid exposing unnecessary data with our Privacy & Validation Layer

Yalo’s proprietary Validation Layer is applied to all communications between our systems and any Large Language Models being used.Some of our assurances include:
  • Data Masking
  • LLM Guardrails
  • Prompt Injection Prevention
  • User Logging
  • Prompt Caching

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