Flow Builder

Build and automate customer journeys

Create compelling conversational engagement experiences for your customers with the virtually limitless flexibility you need.
Talk to an expert

Easy-to-use canvas

Create meaningful interactions with your customers that represent your brand’s voice with just a few clicks.

Proven Best Practices

Quickly grow your business sales channels with pre-configured templates leveraging conversational commerce best practices.

Limitless integrations

Build scalable solutions that integrate to your existing enterprise system for a holistic customer experience.


A simple interface to build conversational flows, for both technical and non-technical users.

Drag & Drop

Intuitive interface to build conversational flows with ease.

Easy Automation

Built-in natural language processing (NLP) capabilities.

Low-code algorithms

Complex customer conversation use cases made simple.

Enterprise Flexibility

Virtually limitless ability to customize, or integrate to any system.

Flow Templates

Complex best practices packaged, ready to customize and launch in just a few clicks. Check some of our customers’ most loved ones:


Automate replies to customers’ most frequent queries.

Transfer to an Agent

Scale up complex conversations that require personalized solutions to your support center agents.

Store Locator

Let your customers know where the nearby stores are.


Measure customer satisfaction and get feedback through a conversation

Intent recognition

Easy natural language processing (NLP) that allows your brand to understand customers' requests and automate a natural, thoughtful response.

Performance Suite

Independently test flows, troubleshoot issues and fix bugs quickly.


Rapidly troubleshoot performance of any conversational flow in a few clicks.


Test conversational flows in the platform, before launching to WhatsApp.

Flow Tester

Test flows directly on WhatsApp, before interacting with real customers.

Error Reporting

Quickly see and identify flow errors, so they can be quickly fixed.

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