Activate and engage your customers

Reach out to the right audiences with right offers at the right time to maximize results.
Talk to an expert

Personalized messages

Build meaningful interactions with customers as you send relevant content they need and want.

Easy campaign automation

Run organized and planned marketing campaigns sending the right information at the right time.

Connected conversations

Easily transition customers to automated sales conversational flows for a complete brand experience.

Messaging Templates

Conversational best practices packaged that maximize customer open rates and engagement.

Conversational toolkit

Use text, buttons, images, emojis, and even attach docs to build engaging, personalized campaigns.

WhatsApp approval platform

Handles tricky WhatsApp campaign approvals for you, from a visual dashboard.

Message preview

See and experience all messages as customers would receive them via WhatsApp, before sending.

Marketing Campaigns

Complex best practices packaged, ready to customize and launch in just a few clicks. Check some of our customers’ most loved ones:

Campaign Manager

An easy way to select and segment campaigns’ audiences, craft messaging, define sending dates and automate notifications.

Campaign dashboard

A visual dashboard to quickly manage and track campaigns performance all in one place, showing key metrics and status in a quick view.

Grow your sales with Yalo

The only native solution for B2B Conversational Commerce. Built to handle enterprise complexity and scale. Focused on driving ROI.
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