Become the engine of Innovation by joining Yalo's partner & alliance ecosystem.

Embark on a transformative journey with our partnership program, where opportunities for exponential growth await.

Unleash the full potential of your business by integrating Yalo's cutting-edge AI technology.

Join us in championing, selling, and harnessing the power of innovation.

In Partnership with Industry Leaders

At Yalo, we stand shoulder to shoulder with industry leaders 
who embody innovation and drive change.
Meet the influential companies that have chosen to partner with us:

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Elevate your rewards by introducing top clients or bringing in new accounts to experience the conversational AI solutions with Yalo.
Become a Referral Partner
Join our Referral Program and earn a percentage of the annual contract value deal.

Be a catalyst for success while enjoying lucrative benefits for each successful referral.


Ready to revolutionize your business? The digital agency program is for you.
Become a Digital Agency Partner
Step into the driver's seat with our Digital Agency Program.

Take charge as you sell our platform, craft incredible experiences, and develop use cases, all while having full control of negotiations.

The sky's the limit!


Increase your clients by integrating the world’s #1 Conversational AI Platform.
Become a System Integrator
We're seeking partners with technical expertise to drive successful implementations of our conversational solutions.

Join us if you have a dynamic team, including:

- Sales Executive
- Backend Engineer
- UX Designer
- Project Manager

Let's create a future of innovation together.

Partnership program criteria

Join Yalo's partnership programs to unlock potential for collaboration and foster mutually beneficial relationships with companies that share our passion for innovation and excellence.

To qualify for our partnership programs, we seek organizations that:


customer success
Companies/person with existing relationships & access to Retail, Finance & CPG customer segments.

Digital Agency & System Integrator

Are you a Digital Agency or System Integrator with a flair for technical innovation? Join hands with us and elevate your expertise to new heights!
Technical sophistication
Companies with professional services experience or engineering/UX teams capable of implementing SAAS products.
customer access
Companies that already holds key relationships in Retail, Finance & CPG segments.
Companies that offers products or services aligning seamlessly with our solutions.
Product portfolio
Companies already aligned with competing products and implementing SAAS products such as Magento, Genesys, Zendesk, VTEX, Salesforce, Google Analytics, SAP.
Extension of sales team (digital agency)
Companies with a sales team with industry and SAAS experience, capable of effectively sell our product to enterprise clients.
Geographic areas/Territory
Companies that cover strategic geographic areas we want to reach.

Together let's shape the future

Of innovation and create meaningful impact.