Build personalized buying experiences

Connect customers with your brand and customize client’s buying experience through conversational commerce sales.
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Build business solutions

Handle the unique complexity of your business with a fully-customized solution.

Omnichannel engagement

Integrate conversational commerce with your other digital channels to better know and serve your customers.

Personalized shopping experience

Serve your customers with personalized engagement, recommendations and upselling.

Proprietary commerce engine

An integrated back end that contains all the capabilities to quickly put together your store and launch it.

Large inventories

Adapt to market demand by easily uploading, modifying or removing large amounts of product inventory based on your brands demand.

B2B CPG Specific

Leverage the power of Yalo’s experience on CPG B2B to create customized journeys that exceed your customers’ expectations.

Customer segmentation

Provide convenient buying suggestions with contextual data and customer segmentations to engage customers in powerful new ways.

Personalized sales

Provide a personalized selling experience to your customers with  segmented up-selling tools like pre-filled carts or special offers.


Enable more complex ordering.

Integrated APIs

Pre-loaded APIs with all the required operations to manage stores and/or support customer operations.

Data Continuity

Seamless data tracking of your customers’  conversational commerce experiences to provide actionable insights

Commerce Manager

A self service easy to use platform to build and define end user buying experience.

Fully branded experience

Ensure your storefront is on brand with custom logos, color and language.

Go-to-market practices

Apply your business rules to customer purchase options.

Clicks not code

Create and maintain storefronts in a matter of minutes.

Grow your sales with Yalo

The only native solution for B2B Conversational Commerce. Built to handle enterprise complexity and scale. Focused on driving ROI.
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