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What if your AI Assistant was as smart as

Unlock the power of your data safely and have your own GenAI assistant to grow your business.
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Provide natural, contextual, and human-like conversational experiences

Built to interact, support, and sell directly to your end customers. Connect your data without exposing it and let Yalo’s AI do the rest.
Trained on
10B transactions
$3B USD +
Continuously learning from
2M+ daily conversations
Integrate your catalog, historical sales data, information knowledge bases and other APIs to unlock selling, recommendation, and support capabilities.
Get a Genie according to your needs

Sales Genie: Your best AI Sales Rep, on demand

Increase revenue, drop size, and improve product mix with an autonomous AI seller that is always available to your customers
Optimize our sales using Yalo’s Algorithmic Selling features
Improve customer relationships with contextual recommendations, shopping assistance and more!

Genie Trainer: Turn your AI into an expert, in any field.

Solve your customers’ needs as your best expert would
Train your Genie in minutes with your data and knowledge
Train Genies to serve multiple types of users and cases.
Yalo Foundational Intelligence is the best-in-class solution for global enterprises to build deep relationships with customers through Generative AI.
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Maximize your team’s productivity with the power of GenAI

With Yalo Studio Plus, your team can effortlessly create and integrate AI into their daily operations.

Flow Builder Plus: Discover a new way of building conversations

Declare your goals and let your AI Agent come to life
Dramatically reduce development time and integrate with any system using natural language
Build an AI Assistant for any use case that you want
Turn your builders into AI developers and hit the market in record time
AI Agent Steps
Create autonomous AI Agents that interact with your end users without a single line of code.
API Management
Unlock the full power of AI Agents by giving them access to your own set of APIs or Yalo’s built-in tools.
Coding Copilot
Create more sophisticated flows in record time with a built-in Coding Copilot.

Engagement Plus: Streamline your customer relationships

Improve critical business metrics by increasing campaign conversion rate
Tap into Yalo’s AI, trained on over 500M+ high performing notification templates and best practices
Create personalized audiences by describing the right users
Empower your marketers to engage with the right users at scale
Copy Generator
Generate high-conversion copy for notifications in the style and tone of your brand.
Segmentation Assistant
Create user segments to better target customers using natural language.

Sales Desk Plus: Team up your human agents with AI

Increase human agent productivity and efficiency by pairing them up with an AI copilot fully trained on your company’s data.
Reduce agent downtime by automatically categorizing conversations.
Equip your human agents with a custom AI to sell and support users more efficiently
Sales Desk Copilot
Increase agent productivity and user satisfaction by enhancing agents with AI-suggested responses.
Automatic Conversation Tagging
Automatically tag every conversation between agents and users to reduce agent downtime between sessions.
Yalo Studio Plus is the magic your team needs to get faster and better results. Let AI boost your operation.
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Global enterprises use Yalo’s GenAI-powered conversations to expand their businesses

“When I talked with some of my colleagues about conversational WhatsApp taking over the route to market people said -no, no it will do in 20, 50 years. I was discussing with some of them last week again, and the main topic is that it is happening now”
Eduardo García
VP of Sales
Nestle Mexico

Run on the best-performing self-hosted models

Yalo self-hosts the best performing Large Language Models such as Llama 2 within the Yalo Infrastructure to offer the same certifications as the rest of our platform. Namely SOC 2 Type I & SOC 2 Type 2. As well as security practices built around ISO 27001:2013. This ensures the best possible performance to end users while maintaining our data privacy standards.

For more information you can visit Yalo’s dedicated security section here.

Avoid exposing unnecessary data with our Privacy & Validation Layer

Yalo’s proprietary Validation Layer is applied to all communications between our systems and any Large Language Models being used.Some of our assurances include:
  • Data Masking
  • LLM Guardrails
  • Prompt Injection Prevention
  • User Logging
  • Prompt Caching

Join the future of GenAI-powered Conversational Commerce

Get in touch with one of our specialists and let us show you how Yalo GenAI can help grow your business.
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