Yalo launches "Studio" a No-Code tool that allows everyone to program experiences in WhatsApp

  • Yalo Studio is the next-generation conversational commerce platform that puts Yalo’s deep channel expertise at customers’ fingertips.
  • Businesses of all sizes, in any part of the world can use Studio to create and automate any process to sell through messaging applications like WhatsApp.

September 09, 2021. Yalo, the leader in conversational commerce (c-commerce), announced the launch of Studio, its self service tool to build business workflows on popular messaging applications, to its customers. This new customer-facing tool enables business users and programmers to build and manage their own conversational applications in messaging applications like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, using Yalo’s best-in-class technology to rapidly increase sales. 

Studio is the result of years of experience designing, growing, and optimizing conversational commerce strategies for Yalo’s enterprise customers. As brands scale and advance their digital experiences in messaging applications, Studio will empower business users and developers to build, experiment, and optimize those experiences independently, using Yalo’s tools. In Studio, Yalo’s customers can find proven templates, solutions, and a growing library of easy-to-implement advanced capabilities for their conversational channels. 

Studio is unique in its flexibility to build any workflow in a messaging application. It is capable of generating automated conversations that surface the entire catalog of a store, all the way through a purchase or order return. 

“This is our first step in enabling our clients and partners with a platform that will help them grow their conversational sales and accelerate their digital transformation,” said Yalo’s CEO and founder, Javier Mata. “At Yalo, we are convinced that conversational commerce will accelerate digital transformation, which will, in turn, accelerate social and economic development. To achieve this, we’re opening our platform so any company can grow and revolutionize their digital commerce in channels where users already are like  WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.”

Companies today face the challenge of effectively, rapidly, and directly interacting with their customers. Conversational commerce enables businesses to communicate through popular messaging applications such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. To do this at scale and reach millions of customers with a chat requires a flexible and adaptable technology like Yalo Studio. 

Yalo Studio enables companies to make quick changes and adapt to customer needs almost immediately. “Changing a line of code is much easier than restructuring an entire store or updating a mobile application. In our case, for example, we worked at the beginning of the pandemic with a major Latin American airline and in a single day we implemented a flow of conversation so that customers could make changes to their flights” Mata explained.

Businesses already using Yalo technology, like Coca-Cola Femsa, have seen positive results, including an average sales increase of more than 20%, sales agent productivity increases of four times and the automation of 75% of interactions. 

Based on current conversational commerce growth trends, Yalo estimates that in 18 months there will be no company - regardless of its size - that does not have a significant presence in messaging applications, not only as a customer service channel but also as a sales strategy. Yalo Studio empowers companies to use these channels in the most efficient way possible.

Being aware that there is no team of developers that can be in charge of building workflows in many companies, Yalo Studio is designed so that people who do not know how to code can make rapid and constant improvements for their users. Anyone with a basic knowledge of technology, can use Yalo Studio to visually and intuitively make changes and program the conversation flows of their conversational commerce on WhatsApp and other channels.

By being a highly adaptable tool, developers using Yalo Studio can take advantage of its flexibility and depth to create new experiences. In that sense, Yalo Studio gives developers the ability to build and grow without limits.

“For any type of user, our goal is the same: to allow simple things to be simple and complex things possible. We want to make life easier for companies and open the way for them to really place their users at the center; adapting to their needs and communicating relevant information, in a timely manner and in the channel they prefer.” Mata concluded.

About Yalo

Yalo, previously known as Yalochat, is the leading conversational commerce platform. Its unique technology helps large enterprises to manage their digital sales and customer services through mini-applications that run on top of messaging apps, allowing the end-users to have a personalized shopping experience.  Yalo has received funding from B Capital Group, Sierra Ventures and others. The company has operations in the US, Latin America, India, and Southeast Asia, serving global customers like Nestlé, Coca Cola, Unilever, Walmart, ICICI bank, Aeromexico, among others.

To learn more, visit www.yalo.com

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