Yalo and governments of Latin America against COVID -19

COVID-19 has shaken our way of living like nothing else in modern history.

Everyone on Earth has adapted their lifestyle to these times of uncertainty. Yet, some of these changes are paving the way for the next new normal to sprout.

As of today, industries and governments need different ways of reaching the population. For some, it might be about sales or keeping production chains at optimal levels. Others might need faster ways of spreading valuable information. Governments have to stop the spread of COVID-19 while health services remain unsaturated.

Times of crisis have proved to be a fertile field for things to grow. Back in 2004, the SARS crisis in China opened up a window for companies like Alibaba or JD.com to thrive. Game-changing companies that learnt how to seize an opportunity and transform their industries. Companies like such, have maintained their leadership status throughout the years.

How does technology allow companies to adapt, even thrive in this new normality?

At Yalo, we're aiming to make the day of more than a billion people through delightful experiences. Now more than ever. To design and deliver memorable experiences in normal times is a remarkable task. Now, it is critical we enable communication between companies, governments and the people. I am grateful and fortunate to be working at a company that is able to help.

We have worked on a solution with both the governments of Mexico and Colombian.  People are now able to access relevant and useful information via WhatsApp. Also, they can run a quick diagnostic that tests for COVID-19.  Both solutions help to contain the spread of COVID-19 while keeping everyone safe at home.

Collaboration and team-effort have resulted in delightful and useful experiences for everyone. I am sure this newfound unity will guide us through the quarantine and its aftermath. This is the time to lay the foundations of the near future.

A new normal.
A happy normal.

We would love to help you build it too

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