Why is c-commerce a big ally for working from home?

We’re still unsure what the new normal will be like after the pandemic. However, something’s for sure: the way we work has changed forever. Many companies have seen the benefits of their employees working from home in terms of quality of life, reduced travel times and closeness to their families. According to IDC data published in June 2020, 68% of companies in Mexico indicated that they would integrate remote working into their human resources strategy. In fact, at Yalo we made the decision to adopt a remote scheme which has allowed us to hire people in different countries and go beyond the capital cities where we had offices. 

Another thing that has grown and become popular during the pandemic is electronic commerce, which increased up to 500% during the second quarter of last year, due to social distancing policies. Currently, many companies are betting on this type of digital solutions for their businesses’ development and economic recovery. 

But many haven’t dived yet into e-commerce in Latin America as there are great barriers to selling online. Although we believe it’s everywhere and that we all use it, according to eMarketer, 8 out of 10 people in emerging markets have never made an online purchase.

This is where c-commerce can be a great ally for your business, since it allows you to keep jobs as your team can continue working from home with just a smartphone! Here are three reasons why conversational commerce and remote working are the perfect match:

  • Virtual assistants answer routine questions your buyers have so sales staff can focus on those customers who require specialized help or have high buying potential.
  • Usually, in-store advisers tend to have downtime, more so now that visits to stores are restricted. By empowering your salespeople to carry out their work from a smartphone, you no longer depend on when one of your customers comes to your store. You can connect with them anytime, anywhere.
  • We know that throughout the health contingency—however long it may be—some employees won’t be able to return to their workplaces. By training them in conversational commerce tools, they’ll be able to continue with their activities from home without putting their health at risk. 

Throughout last year, we at Yalo saw how our allies implemented conversational commerce solutions and managed not only to maintain their sales, but also the positions they have. We’re convinced that this will continue in 2021, and that new jobs can be increasingly created based on the skills developed by c-commerce.  

IDC predicts for 2021 that the economy will begin to recover and with it, digitization strategies will accelerate, with projects on artificial intelligence, the Internet of things, virtual reality, and augmented reality. C-commerce will be part of this transition to everything digital and will help you stay close to your customers, even in times of distancing.

Do you want to support your work team through digital tools that enable it to communicate with your clients? At Yalo we have the best options for you to reach that goal.

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