Welcome Salesforce Customers to the WhatsApp era!

Last Tuesday, Meta announced a new partnership with Salesforce and we, at Yalo, are very excited about it. This new partnership makes it possible for businesses that have Salesforce to finally integrate with the WhatsApp ecosystem and we are delighted to offer this new upgrade to all our customers and any business that wants to do Conversational Commerce. 

WhatsApp has become the go-to communication channel for businesses to engage with their customers and Yalo has empowered some of the largest companies to overcome key challenges to digital transformation, building innovative customer experiences on messaging.

When companies use WhatsApp as part of their overall conversational commerce strategy, they’re positive to see increased engagement from their customers and grow their sales. That’s why Yalo offers the only purpose-built conversational platform for commerce, that enables businesses to build personalized relationships at scale and sell more in messaging. 

At Yalo, we know how to leverage the power of personalization as the essence of customer engagement. To do so, our solution integrates with business data from platforms like Salesforce, to create meaningful interactions for our customers. Moving from a system of record to a system of action, that is personalized and allows customers to complete end to end transactions, has been the key differentiator for our customers. Conversational Commerce improves how brands connect with their customers, and we are here to empower businesses with it. 

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