Trends for mass consumer distributors: How digitalization and WhatsApp are transforming the sales channel

The digital era we live in has brought forth a series of challenges and opportunities for the distribution of leading brands in the mass consumer market. Digital transformation has become an urgent necessity for companies looking to stay competitive and relevant in this ever-changing environment. Traditional distribution, which has worked for decades, faces significant challenges in this new era, but digitalization offers a solution that can revolutionize the way operations and product marketing are carried out. Furthermore, the opportunity presented by digitalization and the use of a messaging channel like WhatsApp could have a direct influence on maximizing distributor-facing strategies, thus increasing sales and commercial results.

One of the main challenges of traditional distribution has been the complexity of standardization and managing the representation of brands and manufacturers, involving a wide network of intermediaries, from manufacturers to wholesalers, retailers, and ultimately, the consumer. However, digitalization is presented as a solution that can simplify and optimize these processes with the aim of increasing sales and market share.

In this context, WhatsApp emerges as a valuable tool for increasing sales and streamlining communication, influencing the behavior of traditional channel retailers, and thus increasing the commercial results of this segment with the help of distributor sales forces.

It is also important to note that digitalization is not only about the implementation of technology but also about the creation of strategic alliances and in-depth knowledge of customers and brands, data that can be leveraged to support manufacturer brand marketing strategies. Some key points to consider in this digitalization process include:

1. Creating a channel for all brands Digitalization can be an opportunity to create a unified channel that benefits all represented brands, which can optimize investment, increase the average ticket value, and shared efforts.

2. Leadership in the traditional channel and shared investment: Instead of a conventional distribution structure, the distribution channel can be led by distributors with a strong market presence. These distributors, who have maintained long-term relationships with retailers, will play a central role in cost-sharing in specific projects. Under this initiative, distributors contribute their sales force and expertise in reaching retailers directly. This implies that brands can now collaborate on project management and financing, which will not only strengthen their relationships with distributors but also ensure a more attractive product offering and greater supply chain efficiency. Ultimately, this strategy aims to maximize the benefits for all parties involved and ensure the long-term success of the distribution channel.
3. Partnerships with shared objectives: Working in partnership with manufacturers and establishing shared objectives can be crucial to success in digitalization.
4. Data-Driven decisions with represented brands: Distributors can leverage digitalization to make data-driven decisions based on customer data and information, which will be an additional source of income and an increase in total sales results.

In summary, the digitalization of the traditional channel in the distribution of leading brands in the mass consumer market is essential to maintaining competitiveness, increasing sales, and responding to changing consumer demands in the digital era. WhatsApp and other digital tools are key allies in this process, but the strategy should go beyond technology and include the creation of alliances, optimization of investment, and monetization of data. Companies that embrace digitalization and use conversational commerce tools like Yalo through WhatsApp are better positioned for success in the digital future.

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