Transforming industry consulting: Strategies to meet retailer and vendor demands in a challenging context

In the dynamic Brazilian retail landscape, B2B companies face a monumental challenge: meeting retailers' growing service expectations. Let's explore how conversational commerce via WhatsApp is transforming the relationship between the industry and retailers, preserving the valuable advisory role played by the salesperson in the midst of a challenging environment.

The B2B Challenge in Brazilian Retail:

The Brazilian retail sector comprises more than one million retail outlets, which poses a unique complexity for B2B companies that must meet the demands of this vast market, the high service expectations play a critical role in this dynamic. With more than 1 million outlets considered in the country's major B2B industries, the vast majority of these companies serve a universe of 100,000 to 500,000 outlets.

Retailers face a grueling routine that ranges from invoice handling to customer service to inventory management - it's a multifaceted challenge. 

In the B2B world, the relationship between industry and retailers goes beyond commercial transactions, and salespeople play a key role in providing in-depth knowledge about products, categories and market strategies. With regular visits to retailers, salespeople become a vital link, often possessing detailed information on inventory, offers, launches, marketing campaigns and incentives and needs that surpass even store owners.

What innovative approach is transforming the B2B relationship between industry and retailers, while retaining personalized advice?

The answer to this challenge lies in conversational commerce. Through WhatsApp, a tool on retailers' smartphones, C-Commerce is born, revolutionizing the interaction between industry and retailers. This digital approach retains the essence of personalized advice, establishing a new dimension in the B2B relationship and exerting a transformation through WhatsApp by means of personalized and fluid conversations, industries guide retailers in choosing suitable products and present them with offers and promotional campaigns. In addition, orders can be placed and processed conveniently, further streamlining the experience.

Why should you embrace conversational commerce?

  • It drives increased sales for both the industry and retailers. 
  • Salespeople free up time to serve customers and improve product turnover. 
  • Salespeople can offer additional services, such as implementing merchandising strategies and complementary product suggestions.

This revolution is in full swing and is expected to grow exponentially in the coming years. The combination of WhatsApp and digital commerce is redefining how industries and retailers interact, overcoming the previous limitations of traditional B2C platforms.

Conversational commerce with Yalo via WhatsApp is transforming the B2B relationship in retail. By embracing this innovation, industries can maintain their crucial advisory role while driving sales and efficiency in the retail operation. 

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