Three reasons to bet on conversational commerce

Conversational commerce puts companies just a message away from their clients. Until recently, this only applied to small companies, but now, big brands are starting to understand the benefits of their clients buying through the messaging apps they use all the time.

The COVID-19 pandemic has sped things up in terms of adopting C-Commerce and has made it a trend, so much so that company-client relationships are definitely changing. However, if you’re still not convinced about the benefits of this strategy, here are three reasons why you must jump on board ASAP. 

1. Your clients want to chat

Who doesn’t use WhatsApp, Messenger and other messaging apps on a daily basis? Of the time we spend on our cell phones, 84% is spent on these. And more importantly, 67% of people who already buy through messaging apps plan to increase or maintain their current spending.

2. Double whammy

Did you know that the average e-commerce conversion rate in Mexico is only 1%? This percentage goes up to between 8% and 10% for people who get advice and tips through WhatsApp during the purchase process.

Thanks to conversational AI, you can offer products, services, and personalized content in real time, according to your clients’ context and needs. And so, they will see every interaction as a one-on-one conversation. Likewise, conversational commerce allows you to understand your users, improve your conversion rates and keep a clear history of the relationship with each of your customers. 

3. Cheaper by message

Are your profits going to the call center? With conversational commerce tools like assisted sales, you can reduce this cost by up to 30%, as we show you here

Furthermore, other internal costs can go down by up to 70%, depending on the client interaction channels moving to C-Commerce platforms. And what’s even better, the payback period is short since the implementation is fast, thus resulting in a quick return on investment.

If you’re ready to be part of the companies that are already using conversational commerce as a strategy to approach their clients and stand out from their competition, look us up at Yalo.

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