Reasons why WhatsApp is the channel with the best conversion rate

The CMO’s I’ve talked with during my career are always looking for the best ROI on their marketing dollars and at the same time providing the best consumer experience possible. It remains quite a challenge: address the right audience, at the right time, on the right channel and provide an experience that is meaningful for the consumer and returns new insights, fidelization, brand awareness and ultimately... conversion.

Conversational Commerce on WhatsApp empowers companies to achieve this ultimate goal, for this consider these unique capabilities:

Build audiences based on intent. The more you interact with your consumers on WhatsApp the more you get to know their behavior, they will naturally express what they want you to provide and fulfill; they want to travel, reserve, buy (intents) tickets, venues, appliances (entities). In time, more conversations with your WhatsApp Business Account, means more data to leverage for better target audiences and campaigns (which create a closed loop driving traffic to your WhatsApp Business Account).

Push notifications following editorial/engagement rules. WhatsApp remains an oasis in terms of privacy and spam, hence the open rates; advertisers, business solutions providers (like Yalo) and WhatsApp are committed to keep it that way by using only pre-approved/structured messages following strict guidelines, not only in terms of contents but also volume, frequency and reliability. Compared with poor experiences on email, SMS and other push-in channels, WhatsApp emerges as the right channel to address your most important audiences.

Create meaningful experiences. Picture this: a consumer receives your message on WhatsApp including rich media (an image of those new season sneakers) and a link that would bring him directly into an automated conversation (virtual assistant) in your WhatsApp business account to buy them at a promotional price with a one-click checkout. Frictionless, directly on his mobile, while probably on the road and based on his previously expressed intent to buy them. It doesn’t feel like any other message, it feels like an experience.

ROI on the marketing dollars. Being a digital channel means the attribution model allows you to follow the campaign journey from sent messages, click through by means of identifying the end consumer at the initial state of your automated conversations (ie “Welcome to Winter Sale”) and conversion (ie buy with one-click within the conversation on WhatsApp). 

There are 2 billion end users out there on WhatsApp, 175 million of them interact with a WhatsApp Business Account on a daily basis looking for meaningful experiences. Embrace Conversational Commerce and messaging campaigns and get top ROI on your marketing dollars.

If you want to learn more about how you can start your conversational commerce strategy, don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll work with you to define the next steps for you to start using messaging apps to handle your critical processes.

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