Overcoming the daily challenges of salespeople in the B2B world

I decided to venture with the salespeople on their route, get out of the office and immerse myself in the reality of our customers and our customers' customers. I wanted to understand firsthand the situations they face on a daily basis in the competitive world of the B2B CPG (consumer packaged goods) sales channel.

Join me on this journey and let's discover together how Yalo is transforming the way B2B CPG companies address their business challenges!

Salespeople from large consumer goods companies face a variety of obstacles when visiting grocers, hindering their ability to close sales and achieve their goals:

  • In the traditional channel, the predominant brands take precedence and occupy space, resources and shopkeepers' attention. 
  • If salespeople do not arrive before these brands, shopkeepers may run out of money (or reserve it only for the most relevant brands) and stop making purchases, which complicates salespeople's sales route and goals, since they only visit each store once a week. To make a sale, salespeople must wait another week or even sacrifice their route planning for the next day.
  • In addition, shopkeepers are not always clear about what products are most beneficial to them, what promotions are available or how they can improve their business with the brands they sell.

Additionally, the relationship between vendors and shopkeepers is critical. Shopkeepers rely on recommendations from vendors, and this relationship has developed over the years. 

What excites me about Yalo is that we can make a difference in the lives of vendors and the success of CPG companies. Yalo digitizes the traditional channel, not only in terms of sales, but also in the communication and relationship with shopkeepers through WhatsApp.

We believe that technology can enhance human relationships, without replacing them. Although salespeople in the traditional channel may fear being replaced by technology, and grocers may worry about the loss of salespeople's jobs, in reality, technology will provide crucial information to make decisions. Salespeople and grocers will be able to know what products to buy, what to offer and when to offer them.

How does the salesperson benefit from Yalo's conversational commerce?

By implementing Yalo, sellers experience a number of benefits that optimize their work:

  1. Personalized information via WhatsApp: Yalo provides personalized, AI-generated information to shopkeepers via WhatsApp.
  2. Complete digital catalog: sellers can offer a wide range of products with updated prices, images and descriptions. This streamlines the buying process and increases the average ticket.
  3. Simple orders on WhatsApp: shopkeepers can place orders directly on WhatsApp with a single button, avoiding calls, text messages or face-to-face visits.
  4. Personalized and efficient customer service: Yalo enables fast and efficient customer service. This generates confidence and satisfaction in shopkeepers, which translates into greater loyalty and increased sales.

By inspiring trust, simplifying sales management and improving the customer experience, Yalo becomes a powerful alliance to drive business growth and efficiency.

If you are a sales manager, traditional channel manager or eCommerce, I invite you to discover how Yalo can add value to your team and increase efficiency in your sales channel. Feel free to contact me to learn more about digitizing the traditional sales channel and how it can benefit you.

Together, we can take your team to the next level with Yalo's conversational commerce!

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