The Behavior of WhatsApp Users in Brazil: Insights and Trends

The Behavior of WhatsApp Users in Brazil: Insights and Trends

WhatsApp has established itself as the most widely used application in Brazil in recent years, with over 2 billion users in 180 countries worldwide. With a wide range of features and a constant presence in the daily lives of Brazilians, it has become synonymous with absolute success. In this post, we will explore the key insights into the business-to-business (B2B) usage from an exclusive survey conducted by Opinion Box on the behavior of WhatsApp users in Brazil.

The Success of WhatsApp in Brazil:

User-friendly interface, a wide range of features, and the free-of-charge service have contributed to its popularity in Brazil. Additionally, WhatsApp enables communication through text messages, voice and video calls, media sharing, and even money transfers, making it a comprehensive solution for users' communication and relationship needs.

Frequency of Use:

According to the survey, an impressive 61% of WhatsApp users open the application at least once a day, with 35% of them keeping it open throughout the day.

Most Used Features:

Text messaging and audio exchange are the most utilized functionalities by users, with 89% and 80% usage, respectively. On the other hand, Status updates (or stories) are less popular, used by only 39% of the respondents.

Relationship with Brands and Companies:

Since the launch of WhatsApp Business, communication between companies and customers has strengthened. According to the survey, 79% of users reported communicating with companies through the application. Furthermore, 59% consider it appropriate to use WhatsApp for purchasing products and services, highlighting the sales potential the platform offers.

User Preferences:

When it comes to interacting with companies, the majority of respondents (77%) consider asking questions and obtaining information as the most suitable purposes. Technical support follows (69%), and receiving promotions via WhatsApp (51%).

Advertisements and Promotions:

Sending promotions and offers through WhatsApp can be an effective strategy to attract customers, as reported by 78% of the respondents. However, it is important to be cautious not to violate the General Data Protection Law (LGPD). The survey revealed that 78% of users have already received messages and commercial offers from unknown companies, but only 50% of the users showed interest and responded.

The Opinion Box survey reveals the behavior of WhatsApp users in Brazil and provides valuable insights into their preferences and trends regarding usage among individuals and industries. It is important for companies to act ethically and respect users' privacy to fully leverage the sales and relationship potential offered by WhatsApp.

WhatsApp as a Business Communication Tool (B2B):

The survey conducted by Opinion Box revealed interesting insights into the usage of WhatsApp among businesses in Brazil. The application has proven to be an effective tool for communication between companies and their customers, suppliers, and business partners.

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Source: Survey conducted by Opinion Box, released on 01/06/2023.

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