WhatsApp is the most used communication APP in Brazil, according to a study by IDC and Yalo.

A recent study conducted by Yalo in partnership with IDC (International Data Corporation), finalyzed in June 2023, confirms an important reality: WhatsApp is overwhelmingly the most adopted messaging platform by small, medium, and large companies in Brazil, with 95% of them confirming this choice.

The organizations' objective, in using WhatsApp for business purposes, is not only limited to enhancing productivity and reducing costs, but also to the need of placing the customer at the center of the business, therefore improving the delivery of their products and services. Among the priorities of companies in Brazil, increasing productivity appears as the main focus with 43% relevance, followed by the need for integration of the digital and physical landscape, delivering a successful omnichannel experience to the consumer, with 36% relevance.

The popularity of WhatsApp as a communication channel is undeniable, with 88% of consumers expressing their preference for this platform. This fact directly impacts the investment in conversational solutions in Latin America, recording an annual growth of 31% between 2020 and 2025, thanks to the growing demand for business process automation solutions and the adoption of technologies with artificial intelligence. 

So, what is the advantage of implementing a conversational commerce solution?

The research conducted in partnership with IDC identified three fundamental benefits:

- Tracking and support during the sales process, from order registration to assistance in purchase decisions, culminating in the delivery of the product or service.

- More humanized and close interactions, with security and consistency. Through Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI), conversational commerce objectively understands consumers' preferences and behaviors, allowing the offer of customized and targeted messages and suggestions.

- A unique sales experience for the consumer, covering physical and digital channels – omnichannel. Conversational commerce enables a direct and simplified relationship with the consumer throughout the purchasing process, in the channel desired by the consumer.

The consolidation of data, applications, processes, and people as a crucial driver for business agility is evident. Providing consumers with a secure, scalable, and always available access platform, regardless of location, assumes increasing relevance. The current scenario reinforces the need to expand marketing, pre-sales, sales, and after-sales processes, generating higher loyalty rates and a perfectly smooth and transparent customer experience. Customer-centricity demands communication channels where users can interact naturally and comfortably, enabling communication to flow organically and naturally.

Yalo, as a partner in this study, plays a very important role in providing business process automation solutions and AI technology that allow natural and organic communication between companies and their customers. These solutions not only facilitate the sales process but also create an omnichannel experience, connecting physical and digital channels for a seamless flow of interactions.

As companies from various sectors align their strategies towards the end customer, the success of commerce through conversations stands out as an effective way to meet the constantly evolving customer needs. Through Yalo, companies can choose the perfect communication channel to offer highly personalized interactions, reinforcing loyalty rates and providing an exceptionally smooth and transparent customer experience.

If you want to enhance your customers' experience, simplify your operations, and strengthen your business relationships through fluid and personalized conversations, we invite you to take the next step. Come and be Yalo.

Source: Conversational Commerce: Pillar for Building Effective Business Relationships. Analysis by Claudia Medina, IDC. Sponsored by Yalo. Accessed: June 2023.

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