How to use the WhatsApp API to reduce the number of calls in your call center?

This year we are living an unprecedented digital transformation, which has brought great learnings and challenges for all.

The Retail industry faced the enormous challenge of having closed physical stores and vendors without the possibility of serving customers. This led to many companies strengthening their e-commerce strategies and reaching people who had never bought online.

This success, however, brought a new challenge: an exponential increase in calls to call centers and, therefore, in their costs. If before the pandemic it was estimated that for each purchase order a call was received in the call center, now our data indicates that during the pandemic and until today, for each purchase order, call centers are receiving 3 calls. This also generates an increase in the churn rate, which negatively affects the company's NPS.

What to do then? Increasing the number of call center agents may seem like a solution, but this generates an increase in costs and therefore a decrease in revenue. When analyzing the situation in detail, we see that 50% of the calls that are received are regarding the status of the order and predominantly with questions that are repeated among users.

You don't need to assign more people when the technology already exists to serve customers. By implementing the WhatsApp API with Yalo, our clients managed to reduce up to 30% of their calls.

Once on WhatsApp, the one-time cost per customer is one-tenth of what a call costs. With Yalo technology we automate up to 80% of all conversations.

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