How to leverage Yalo technology to automate 75% of your chat interactions?

In customer service processes you can (and should) take advantage of technology to provide better service and more efficiently.

50% of the questions are usually related to the status of an order, so it is not necessary to assign a human advisor to answer them if technology can do the same more efficiently.

In the Retail industry, in customer communication channels, with a single round of training, a virtual assistant can solve between 30 and 45% of the most frequently asked questions.

With this, you can free up call center agents to follow up on the most specialized cases and where they can provide greater value.

At Yalo we work hand in hand with Sears, where currently 75% of the conversations via chat were handled by Sara, the company's virtual assistant and who users can talk to to see the status of their orders and answer frequently asked questions.

This virtual assistant is the final product of the integration of the different critical processes of the company such as the call center, website, inventory, credit system, etc.

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