Four steps to integrate WhatsApp API to your business

Do you have many people in your customer support team? Do you get more than 500 messages a day? WhatsApp’s API (Application Programming Interface) is your best bet to scale your operation since it offers different benefits to boost your communication with users, without having to answer all messages from only one mobile device. 

How does it work? In practical terms, API is the interface that allows different people from your company to have conversations with users using a unique and official contact number since it is integrated into a help desk. That way you can get members from your customer support team, call center, and even sales reps, to communicate with users through WhatsApp. 

The API also allows you to use advanced automation features, template messages, and metrics, which reduces the costs of having a call center for customer service.

Now, the most important point. Once you have identified your needs and are ready for the API, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Sign up with your contact details directly on the WhatsApp website ( or through an official Facebook vendor, and Yalo is of course one of them.
  2. Activate the telephone number with which you will use the service. Bear in mind that said number must be a WhatsApp Business registered number.
  3. Given that communications are housed in a virtual server, you will use a control panel or system. If you carry out this process with Yalo, we will give you access to it.
  4. Create templates to send the messages through the API or directly on the Yalo platform, which must be approved by WhatsApp.

Keep in mind that the use of the API has registration and monthly costs. If you use our services, these costs are included in what you pay for our platform. 

Remember that incorporating this type of solutions into your business will allow you to be closer to your clients, helping them on the apps they already use and prefer: messaging apps. You will also be part of the revolution of conversational commerce, giving you a competitive edge.

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