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Over time, we have witnessed how the only sustainable source of wealth creation is technological progress and innovation, where humans have advanced through the development and use of tools. Let's take the bicycle as an example. If we compare humans to other animals, we are the most inefficient in converting calories into kilometers; however, when you put a human on a bicycle, they become the most efficient in the animal kingdom. Technology empowers humans with new capabilities and horizons to do more with less. And every time technology improves, our society progresses, as we can see in improvements in per capita gross domestic product.

We have seen this progress manifest in various forms: we saw it with mechanization and the motor, allowing us to travel long distances and enable global trade with steamships and trains. Or electricity and mass production, which increased the world's productivity by no longer relying solely on sunlight to work. Computers opened the door not only to greater productivity but also allowed us to reach space. Or the internet and mobile phones that allow us to be connected from anywhere. Each technological advance has triggered new opportunities and forms of progress.

The era of Artificial Intelligence

While all previous advances have brought increased productivity, creativity rarely followed suit. The big difference with this era of artificial intelligence is that we are transitioning from being the pilots of technology to being the co-pilots. And that means we are going to be interacting with digital personas that will do things for us. At Yalo, we have dedicated ourselves for 8 years to build the foundations for an AI future; we see it as moving from the internet era to the conversational internet. A new internet that leverages AI to empower businesses in their interaction with customers, which is why we are launching Yalo's new Industry Clouds, specific solutions designed to help different industries make the most of our platform, focusing on five key sectors: Consumer, Agriculture, Automotive, Distribution, and Construction.

How does our conversational relationship management platform revolutionize these industries?

Our platform goes beyond offering technological solutions; we provide practical tools and specialized knowledge that adapt to the specific needs of each client. From personalized advice to integrated inventory management solutions and real-time product recommendations, for example:Specialized advice: Small farmers need specific guidance on selecting agricultural products and proper handling to maximize yields and mitigate climate risks. The Agro Cloud allows providers to improve communication with farmers through AI assistants, offering personalized recommendations on fertilizers, seeds, and agricultural practices so farmers can make informed decisions that optimize productivity and reduce losses.

Inventory optimization: Mechanics face the complexity of managing parts inventories for multiple vehicle models, making it difficult to quickly and accurately address customer needs. With the Automotive Cloud, they can simplify inventory management and streamline the ordering process by offering intelligent part recommendations based on usage and availability data, allowing mechanics to efficiently and accurately meet customers' 'On Demand' demands, thus improving the overall service experience.

Efficient handling of multiple products: Building materials retailers need to stay updated on the latest technologies and products available while balancing inventory management and customer satisfaction. Our solution allows them to easily manage a wide variety of products, providing real-time information to the customer. This influences their behavior by offering personalized recommendations, thus driving sales through messaging and digital commerce.

Supply Chain Optimization and Smooth Distribution: Distributors face challenges in efficiently coordinating product distribution from manufacturers to points of sale while maintaining an optimal balance in inventory levels. With the Distribution Cloud, they can optimize distribution route management and simplify the ordering process by providing predictive analysis tools and intelligent inventory recommendations. This allows distributors to maintain appropriate inventory levels, minimize storage costs, and ensure smooth and timely distribution of products to points of sale.

How can you join the technological revolution?

Our platform allows companies to interact more personally with their customers, resulting in increased engagement, loyalty, and sales. Furthermore, by providing education and guidance through conversations and marketing campaigns, we facilitate adoption and increase purchases by digitizing the entire supply chain, minimizing any friction. We are committed to continuing to democratize artificial intelligence and providing innovative solutions that drive economic and social growth worldwide, with the goal of empowering more than 5 million businesses in Latin America and 50 million worldwide. With that, we continue our mission to empower small businesses with the tools they need to grow with artificial intelligence.

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