Embracing the Past, Building the Future: Yalo's Game-Changing Approach to Banking

Say goodbye to long queues, time-consuming calls, and endless paperwork. Discover how Yalo is revolutionizing the banking industry by bringing back the personal touch that was once synonymous with financial institutions.

In today's fast-paced world, it's easy to forget the concept of a "personal and trusting relationship" when it comes to banking. Even as a millennial, I recall my earliest memories of a banking agency as a gray and cold place, with a distant lady speaking through a microphone behind a thick glass wall.

But let's take a journey back in time to uncover the true origins of banking, in ancient Mesopotamia, banks were built on personal relationships between merchants who trusted each other with loans of grain as collateral in a barter system. The name of the bank itself can explain the origins of the institution. In the Middle Ages, when most contracts and money exchanges were made in the open air and from person to person, this furniture was used as an improvised counter to carry out such activities. It is no accident that the name is the same in all Romance, Germanic and Semitic languages. All monetary transactions were based on close relationships of trust.

Over time, banking evolved along with the economy and industry, it became increasingly distant from its personal roots, transforming into a depersonalized industry focused on bureaucracy and processes. Although virtual banking services have significantly developed in streamlining banking operations globally and instantly, user assistance it's still delivered through traditional channels. Thinking of calling a bank or waiting in line at the agency is something that, for the new generations, seems completely unthinkable.

Current generations seek not only to have instant access to services at any time but also to feel identified with their provider and to be offered the highest user experience standards. And banking is no exception.

How conversational approach on WhatsApp revolutionizes your financial experience?

At Yalo, we believe that the future of banking lies in reestablishing a close relationship with users. We are committed to returning banking to its roots leveraging technology to create a seamless experience. Our approach involves embracing the oldest interface in the world: the spoken word. By adapting it to the modern era, we aim to bring banking transactions, services, and advice closer to the everyday conversations happening on the most widely used messaging application—WhatsApp.

With Yalo, you can apply for a loan, transfer money, send a remittance, make payments, or open an account in less than 5 minutes. All it takes is a conversation with our virtual assistants. Reporting fraud or suspicious transactions  is as simple as pressing a button, and if you need to escalate  a complaint our human advisors are available 24/7. Plus,  you can schedule payment reminders or receive account statements to maintain good credit health.

To shape the future of banking, we must look to the past and empower the origins of this industry with today's technology. The tomorrow of banking is right at your fingertips. Are you ready to make history with us?

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