5 key conversational commerce solutions for Black Friday

Black Friday is almost here, one of the most important sales seasons of the year. Users are increasingly demanding better service and attention from companies, so in this type of seasonality, conversational commerce becomes the best ally for brands.

For this reason, we recommend you implement these solutions in preparation for Black Friday:

  1. Automation of frequently asked questions: When a customer contacts a retail company, approximately 50% of the questions are related to the status of an order. Therefore, at Yalo we recommend that companies develop a virtual assistant to address these issues, since through artificial intelligence it is possible to answer up to 45% of frequently asked questions. 
  2. Change your call center for a chat center: Before the pandemic, there was approximately one call to the call center per order, however, due to the contingency, companies are now registering an average of 3 calls for each order. This has generated a significant increase in call center costs and in many cases, even when companies have increased their size, this has not been enough. Therefore, a great strategy is to give customers the opportunity to receive service through a messaging application. 
  3. Assisted selling: In this edition of Black Friday it is expected that there will be a considerable number of people who make their first purchase online, therefore, activating the option where specialized sellers of the brand digitally guide buyers will result in an increase in sales. At Yalo, we recommend that companies use this solution, which allows agents to be up to 4 times more productive, particularly in categories where customers tend to have more questions, such as technology and white goods.
  4. Chat integration on the page: Including a button on the e-commerce page that takes customers to the assisted sales channel is the best strategy to publicize this solution. However, it is also important to disseminate it on social networks and other communication channels of the brand. 
  5. Make a store in messaging applications: With this solution, companies can share through messaging applications, the main categories and subcategories of the product catalog and redirect interested customers to the brand page. At Yalo we have cases where up to more than 80% of users who want to place an order and enter the experience to see the product catalog, place a purchase order. Similarly, customers looking for a specific product may receive a direct link to it. 

All these solutions can be implemented quickly, so if you are interested in any, do not hesitate to contact your Yalo team to discuss the implementation options together.

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