5 benefits of serving your customers on WhatsApp

AI offers great benefits for the companies that are willing to invest in it: from higher sales to immediate attention and a more satisfied and loyal customer. At Yalo, we have cases like Sears, which has been able to automate 75% of interactions with its customers

In this entry we’ll explain how virtual assistants are evolving to be more and more effective in fulfilling their tasks, even if there is a turnover of human personnel.

1. Learning capacity

Virtual assistants are much more than the first chatbots you met. Today they are able to decipher what the user wants, no matter how they write or pose it. Companies can choose what type of answers the virtual assistant provides, with pre-approved text and information from a database. They can even ask questions to understand better what the human user wants.

For example, in the retail industry, with a single round of training, a virtual assistant can solve up to 30-45% of the most frequently asked questions from users.

2. Service quality 

Derived from the previous point, the assistants incorporate artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, which allows them to respond quickly and offer a personalized service. In addition, they have the context of the history with the client and allow a better understanding of their needs and preferences. This, of course, multiplies the quality of the customer experience.

3. Time to sell!

Virtual assistants have the ability to provide all kinds of information about the specifications and instructions of a product, which translates into an increase in sales.

4. 24/7 service

The purpose of any business is to satisfy its customers by offering good service at any time. So if a potential customer is browsing your ecommerce at 4 a.m. and needs help, they can just send a WhatsApp message and the virtual assistant will answer their questions and provide the information they need.

5. Efficient use of your resources

An additional point is that you can make a more strategic and efficient use of your human staff. They don't need to spend all of their time, answering the same questions over and over again, that would be a job for the virtual assistant. Your salespeople will be able to focus on those clients who require specialized help or have a high purchasing potential, so you prefer to give them personal attention.

Remember that your sellers can also work on WhatsApp with the assisted sales solution. It is only necessary to provide them with a smartphone, the required training and they will be able to continue selling without the need to be in the store. At Yalo we train them to continue the relationship with customers through the messaging application. An additional point: if a seller leaves and another arrives, you will have the peace of mind that the relationship with the client will continue since it is done with a company tool.

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